"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." – Albert Einstein


This new innovative performance takes an original approach to addressing both the serious and frivolous aspects of contemporary life. Specifically, it explores how life is controlled by modern communication technologies.


The story on stage can unify different people - different languages, opinions and moods.With its poetics and humor cartoon theatre is very close to small - form theatres.


The Black Light Theatre METRO is a Prague speciality that uses the artistic elements of black light illusion, dance, music and pantomime to create a humorous and poetic picture of human life. All this without words. The spectators are welcome to participate on stage.


The only Black Light theatre to reveal its secret.
Every performace is followed by an interactive workshop!


František Kratochvíl artist, script, directing

Michal Urban script, directing, choreography

Other cooperation:

Choreography: Adéla Judasová
Assistant director: Kateřina Urbanová
Production: Lenka Štěpánková, Daniela Urbanová
Costumes:  Dorota Březinová, Martina Mengerová
Music: Emil Boháček
Sounds and light: Petr Hejda, Václav Kment
Properties: Erik Valko, Mirka Schützová
Photography: Jan Faukner